Events - Sunday, 6 December 2020

Muziekgebouw: Grote Zaal
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Sunday, 6 December 2020 - 3:00 PM
Celebrating 70 years of ensemble music, 'Play Dutch With Me,' presents a multifaceted program including works by Theo Verbey and Kees van Baaren. Both composers have a long history with the Concertbouworkest and the Conservatories of Amsterdam and The Hague.
'The title of this composition, De Peryton, refers to a mythological creature that Jorge Luis Borges describes in "The Book of Imaginary Beings."
The piece has a four-part shape; very slow, very fast, slow, fast; all played without a break in between.
Parts I and III (ie the slow movements) contain an extensive flute and clarinet solo. Parts II and IV (the fast movements) have significant thematic similarities.
The piece was composed with the help of fractals. These are patterns that repeat on each timescale.' -Theo Verbey
(Commissioned by the Johan Wagenaarstichting, Dedicated to the Beaufort Kwintet
Written in 1990)
Presenters: Conservatorium van Amsterdam; Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; Royal Conservatoire of the Hague
Verbey: De Peryton (1990) for seven wind instruments
Ensemble: Score Collective
Van Baaren: Septet
Ensemble: musicians of the Concertgebouworkest
Ayres: No. 41
Ensemble: Score Collective
Ayres: No. 41
Padding: Unequal
Ensemble: Studenst of the Royal Conservatoire The Hague
Wagenaar: Liederen for metal wind instruments, two pianos and contrabass
Ensemble: Score Collective
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Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey (5 July 1959-13 October 2019) was the Dutch composer of modern classical music best known for his elegant and rhythmically transparent compositions, characterized by careful and rich instrumentation. His contemporary classical music makes a real connection with listeners.

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