29 Aug 2020
Verbey: Sestetto Play
6 Dec 2008
Verbey: Duet (1992) for two trumpets Play
Verbey: Inversie (1987, rev. 1987) for 10 instruments Play
Verbey: Contractie (1987) for flute, bass clarinet and piano Play
Verbey: Expulsie (1988-1990) for large ensemble Play
Verbey: Hommage (1992) for flute Play
3 Dec 2008
Verbey: Notturno Play
Mussorgsky: Sunless Play
Verbey: Conciso Play
Verbey: Triade Play
Verbey: De Peryton (1990) for seven wind instruments Play
22 Oct 2019
MacMillan: Trombone Concerto
Verbey: LIED for Trombone and Orchestra (2007) Play
Berio: SOLO for trombone and orchestra
28 Feb 2014
Scriabin: Preludes (4) for Piano, Op. 33 Play
Verbey: 4 Preludes to Infinity Play
Liszt: Via crucis, S 53 Play
Ravel: Le tombeau de Couperin Play
Zuidam: A Love Unsung Play
Vries: Haikus Play
Einarsson: Desiring-Machines: partial-object 0.1667 Play
17 May 2009
Verbey: Pavane oubliee for Harp and Strings Play
7 Feb 2016
Osborne: Prelude. Jerusalem to Derry - Play
Norby: Once There Was an Island Play
Osborne: Interlude. Derry to London - Play
Pook: Pyramus and Thisbe Play
Osborne: Interlude. London to Utrecht - Play
Verbey: In the Garden of Paracelsus Play
Osborne: Interlude. Utrecht to Berlin - Play
Eichberg: Just Outside Play
Osborne: Interlude. Berlin to Vienna - Play
Resch: Flak Tower, Esterhazy Park Play
Osborne: Interlude. Vienna to Dubrovnik - Play
Zebeljan: When God was creating Dubrovnik Play
Osborne: Interlude. Dubrovnik to Nicosia - Play
Kyriakides: Walls Have Ears Play
Osborne: Interlude. Nicosia to Jerusalem Play
Hanna: Song of Songs Play
Osborne: Postlude. Jerusalem to Derry Play
4 Feb 2014
Berg: Lyric Suite for String Orchestra Play
Schoenberg: Verklärte Nacht for String Orchestra, Op. 4
20 Oct 2014
Berg: Sonata for Piano, Op. 1
Berg: Menuet in D minor
Berg: Adagio in F major
Berg: Sarabande in F major
Berg: Variations on an Original Theme in D major
Berg: Adagio in D minor, ‘On a Poem of Dehmel’
Berg: Menuet in C minor
Berg: Kanon
Berg: Lyric Suite for String Orchestra Play
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Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey (5 July 1959-13 October 2019) was the Dutch composer of modern classical music best known for his elegant and rhythmically transparent compositions, characterized by careful and rich instrumentation. His contemporary classical music makes a real connection with listeners.

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Theo Verbey's music is published by
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2521 DS Den Haag, Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0)70 345 08 65


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