Duet/ Inversie/ Contractie/ Expulsie/ Hommage
6 December 2008
Verbey: Duet (1992) for two trumpets Play
Artists: Hendrik Jan Lindhout (Trumpet); Peter Masseurs (Trumpet)
Duet (1992) for two trumpets Play
Verbey: Inversie (1987, rev. 1987) for 10 instruments Play
Ensemble: Nieuw Ensemble
Conductor: Ed Spanjaard
Inversie (1987, rev. 1987) Play
Verbey: Contractie (1987) for flute, bass clarinet and piano Play
Artists: Harrie Starreveld (Flute); Harry Sparnaay (Bass Clarinet); René Eckhardt (Piano)
Ensemble: Het Trio
Contractie (1987) for flute, bass clarinet and piano Play
Verbey: Expulsie (1988-1990) for large ensemble Play
Ensemble: ASKO Ensemble
Conductor: David Porcelijn
I. Play
II. Play
III. Play
IV. Play
Verbey: Hommage (1992) for flute Play
Artist: Eleonore Pameijer (Flute)
Hommage (1992) for flute Play

Contemporary Classical Music Composer

Theo Verbey (5 July 1959-13 October 2019) was the Dutch composer of modern classical music best known for his elegant and rhythmically transparent compositions, characterized by careful and rich instrumentation. His contemporary classical music makes a real connection with listeners.

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